Affordable Dental Implant Financing And Payment Plan Options

Dental implant financing options make your long-term smile investment more affordable. Since dental implants offer the longest-lasting tooth replacement option, they’re a smart way to restore your smile. Understanding how financing options relate to your dental implant treatment can help you enjoy a permanent new smile that lasts a lifetime (without breaking the bank.) 

Does Dental Insurance Cover the Cost of Implants?

The first thing every prospective implant patient needs to find out is does their dental insurance policy cover the cost of implants? In years past, implants weren’t always included in most standard insurance plans. Fortunately, that’s not the case anymore. Most dental insurance policies have some type of coverage for implants, although the specifics are determined by the insurance company and whatever benefits package your employer selected. We can verify your insurance coverage to make sure we help maximize the insurance benefits related to your implant therapy. If you don’t have coverage, there are other easy access dental financing options out there. 

Does Flex Spending or HSA Cover Implants?

If you’re planning any type of dental treatment in the upcoming year, whether it’s a dental implant or something else, you can use your flex spending or health savings payment options toward the costs. They can be used alone, alongside dental benefits through insurance companies, or to offset financing the total treatment cost. Most HSA and FSA plans use direct debit payments that you use similar to a debit card, so the dental care costs are immediately deducted from your account. And there are no interest rates to keep up with! Getting a treatment plan and price quote can help you know how much money to set aside in your FSA/HSA fund for the year. 

Total Cost of Dental Implants

Before you start applying for a healthcare credit card, worrying about bad credit, or deciding to take out a personal loan, it’s important to understand that dental implant costs vary significantly from person to person. Since all dental implant procedures involve different numbers of implants, types of restorations, and other factors, one person’s implant treatment cost can be extremely different than another’s. 

One thing that Scottsdale Dental Solutions is sure to do is provide an itemized treatment plan for every patient. That way, you know exactly what’s included and how to budget your affordable dental care. We do the same for all dental procedures, whether it’s related to missing teeth, a smile makeover, or even a simple filling. 

Getting a price quote on implant treatment does not obligate you to move forward with the procedure. It simply gives you the information you need so that you can decide whether the investment or monthly payment is in your budget. 

Dental Implants with Low Monthly Payments

The Cost of a dental implant shouldn’t be any reason to overlook your oral health and wellbeing, especially since they’re considered to be the best option for replacing missing teeth. Furthermore, when discussing the options for tooth replacement, implants are accessible to more patients than most people usually realize. Still, there can be a misconception that the Cost is out of reach. Even with tax-free HSA/FSA funds.

The treat news is that nearly half or more of our implant patients prefer affordable monthly payment plans. Even if you have partial insurance coverage, you can make interest-free monthly installments on your dental implants without taking out an unsecured personal loan.

During your consultation and treatment plan, we can show you the installment loan agreement, which makes it easy to know exactly what you can expect. From there, you can decide what’s best for you!

Financing Dental Implants

Perhaps the best way to afford dental implants and enjoy the best dental health is to use a dental finance loan to cover any services that aren’t included in your insurance plan. These lender options eliminate high interest rates and require zero cash down in most cases. They are a safe way to finance implant services without a credit card, allowing patients to pay over time. Lender options tend to include immediate access to funds, making it easy for patients to schedule their services on the day.

Interest rates for dental implants are extremely low. In some cases, you can enjoy 0% interest financing for up to 6-12 months. Even someone with bad credit or who cannot make a large down payment can complete the application process in 4-5 minutes. Popular financing providers include Lending Club, CareCredit, and other healthcare lenders that offer financing for medical or dental related needs. Monthly payments will fluctuate, depending on the lender and loan specifications of the finance company. 

Other Treatment Costs

Regardless of whether you plan to finance a loan or work with a lender, remember that other factors may come into play to the total cost of care. For instance, you may need sedation inside the dental office, have teeth that need to be extracted or require bone grafting before implant therapy can be scheduled. We’ll provide you with a few common options on your care plan, so that your payment plan specifications can be adjusted, depending on your specific oral health concerns. 

Loans, Credit Cards, and Other Financing

Sometimes a person with a low credit score may shy away from a credit based repayment plan or personal loans. If you want to use a credit card at a dental office to rack up reward points or airline miles, it can be an excellent payment plan alternative when replacing missing teeth. Other individuals might prefer to take advantage of real estate investments, tap into savings, or even take out some of their retirement because of the life-changing impact dental implants have to offer. 

Affording Dental Implants in Scottsdale

Easily finance your dental implant treatment at Scottsdale Dental Solutions. Our treatment coordinators will work closely with you, your insurance provider, and 3rd party lender groups to help you gain a deeper look at the costs related to implant therapy. There’s an affordable option for everyone. Contact our Scottsdale implant dentists today to reserve a no-pressure consultation. 

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