What You Need To Know About The Cost Of Dental Implants

I get this question a lot about how much do dental implants cost. Most dentists will shy away from this topic or want to remain aloof.

Most patients tell me that they can never get an accurate price over the phone when shopping around. I tell them that its hard to give an exact price because every patient is so different. Each patient is unique and the condition of their bone and tissue is a huge factor in the type of treatment that can be performed.

Average Tooth Replacement Cost

So let’s talk in generalities. The average tooth replacement for a back tooth will be around $3500 and a front tooth around $5000. These aren’t our prices but an average cost. Front teeth require more work and technique sensitive because getting an implant to look like a natural tooth in the patients’ smile line can be a complicated and lengthy procedure. At Scottsdale Dental Solutions we use a series of techniques to make front teeth dental implants look like front teeth and blend in naturally with the patients existing dentition.

Back teeth are a little more forgiving. If there is adequate bone structure and tissue placing an implant is usually pretty straightforward hence the difference in price.

Full Arch Dental Implants

When dealing with full arch dental implants, dental implants become even more complicated and prices vary from practitioner to practitioner based on the materials, number of implants and who is doing the surgery and even the restorative elements. These cases require a lot of pre-planning and work to make sure the patient not only has a good outcome but a predictable one. It’s important that these cases are followed carefully especially during the healing phase. However, on average we see these cases ranging from $19,000 to $30,0000 per arch and are dependent on the type of materials used in the final prosthesis.

Financing Programs for Dental Care

I know, this is a lot of money and the equivalent to a nice car or small addition to your house. So how do patients afford treatment? Patients at our office afford treatment with financing programs. At Scottsdale Dental Solutions we have access to special third-party financing companies that allow for patients to find the economic resources they need to move forward with treatment and get their life back. The financing allows the patient to break their treatment down into a convenient monthly payment that fits into their budget. Some patients opt to use special credit card promotions and obtain points, some like to pay for their treatment in full. Not only is every patient’s bone and tissue different, but their economic resources are different also. At Scottsdale Dental Solutions we try and make dental work affordable, but we are also not willing to compromise on quality.

How to Choose the Right Implant Dentist

With proper planning and a sound treatment plan, the patient can be given an accurate cost regarding their treatment. Important factors to consider before engaging in treatment is your confidence level and trust in your practitioner. You want to feel comfortable and confident in the work they provide for you and any problems that could arise during treatment. Their training, communication style, and chair side manner have intangible costs and important when factoring your decision regarding treatment.

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In an effort to help any prospective patient or patients that are in need of dental treatment, we offer a complimentary consultation and exam at our 85254 dental office where we will be happy to discuss treatment options with you.

If you have any questions about dental implants or treatment, please contact our Scottsdale, AZ dental office to discuss how we can help or schedule a complimentary consultation.

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Dr Rajan Sheth

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