Do You Have Dental Anxiety?

patient with Dental Anxiety

The Four-Letter Word that summarizes going to the Dentist – FEAR

For some going to the dentist is a breeze, routine cleanings, no dental work, no problems. But for some, dental work has plagued them since they were a child. Although dentistry is very different than it was maybe 10 or even 20 years ago those experiences people have had as a child can stick with them throughout their adult life.

Bad experiences as a child can imprint a person’s experience to date. I saw so many patients during my residency who did not want to admit how scared they were of going to the dentist or didn’t know what options were available to them to make them more comfortable. This is one of the reasons why during my residency, I trained and learned how to perform various degrees of dental sedation.

Dental FEAR or anxiety about going to the dentist is real. Trust me, I know. I’m not only a dentist but also a patient. I’m sometimes afraid of the dentist as well, but it’s a necessary thing, so when I go, I prefer to be sedated. I make this choice for myself because as a dental professional, I’m knowledgeable to all the mechanics of the actual appointment and my mind loves to wander and come up with the worst-case scenario during the appointment leaving me cold and sweaty palms and my heart beating out of my chest. This is one of the reasons I choose sedation at my dental visits and why I’ve become a champion for more and more dentists to learn IV sedation. Ultimately what matters is patients have a great experience in a safe environment.

Sedation Dentistry Options

Dentistry, although considered different, is much like any other medical procedure. I think people needlessly suffer from their dental experiences because they have never been presented with another option. We here at Scottsdale Dental Solutions provide patients with a variety of sedation dentistry options. These sedation options are available to them for all types of appointments. We used IV sedation from single tooth extractions to full-arch implants, dental cleanings and even in some occurrence’s dental impressions. Patients can typically come to our office, have an IV started, take a nice relaxing nap and wake up and have all their dental work completed without feeling a thing.

Trained Sedation Dentist

Due to the fact that we are administering drugs to a patient, we want to make sure that patients are safe to receive these medications. We have guidelines we follow along with pre-operative and post-operative instructions to ensure patients have the safest possible experience, along with all the appropriate monitoring and training as mandated by the State of Arizona.

My suggestion to anyone needing dental work and suffering from dental anxiety is to ask their dentist if they perform IV sedation and how long they’ve been performing it. I’ve been performing IV sedation for almost a decade and its great to see patients’ fears vanish over a period of treatment and get more and more comfortable in the dental chair. It great to see patients have their confidence restored through a new smile and see them take full advantage of their life by gaining greater confidence in their smiles and ability to chew the foods they love.

Contact Our 85254 Dental Clinic

If you suffer from dental anxiety or dental fear and live in the Greater Phoenix, Scottsdale, or surrounding areas we would love to help. We here at Scottsdale Dental Solutions offer IV sedation and sedations services along with a full range of dental services. Feel free to call our 85254 dental office at 480-536-9050 to find out how we can help!

With Love and Gratitude,

Dr Rajan Sheth

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