Everything You Need To Know About Zygomatic Implants in Scottsdale

Want a new smile but don’t qualify for a traditional type of implant procedure? Zygomatic implants are another type of dental implant that is specifically for patients who have severe bone loss (usually because of past periodontal disease or years of wearing dentures). But instead of the bone that holds natural teeth, zygomatic dental implants use other bones adjacent to your tooth roots. Even so, they are a highly successful type of dental implant and perfect for Scottsdale patients who require more complex smile reconstruction surgery. 

What are Zygomatic Dental Implants?

Zygomatic implants are an alternative treatment option for patients with missing teeth and severe bone loss who still want dental implant treatment. Zygomatic implants are not attached to your maxilla (upper jawbone) in the same way conventional designs are. Instead, they attach to your cheekbones (zygomatic arch) to hold them in place. Zygomatic implants are physically longer than traditional implants, which allows them to be placed at an angle instead of straight up or down like anatomical tooth roots. Zygomatic implants, when fully integrated, can anchor full-arch restorations such as an “All on-4” or “All on-6” system

People who are suffering from missing teeth as well as bone loss, or need more specialized care, can switch to Scottsdale Zygomatic implants instead of the traditional tooth-sized ones. The entire process is performed differently (there is no room for immediate loading), and every patient is selected on a case-by-case basis. 

Why Choose Zygomatic Implants?

Normally with an implant, dental bone grafts are needed to build up any weaker areas that won’t support a full implant design. But even then, there may be situations where there is too much bone loss to even consider conventional implant treatment. 

If you’ve worn traditional dentures for an extended period of time, there’s a possibility that you have moderate bone loss in your supporting jawbone. Especially if you’ve been missing your upper teeth for an extended period of time, in those situations, it’s not suitable to install traditional implants. Zygomatic designs allow for full mouth rehabilitation using All-on-4 or full-arch implants simply by using the zygomatic bones (cheekbones) for a graftless procedure that completely bypasses the sinus cavity. 

Perhaps you’ve wanted dental implants for a very long time, but you don’t have enough bone or would require a sinus lift. Four zygomatic implants can be a complete game changer for your smile. Zygoma implant designs don’t have the same restrictions as conventional implants. So if there’s insufficient jawbone in your oral cavity, we can still install them in dense bone for predictable results. 

Sometimes zygomatic implants are the only choice, especially for Scottsdale patients with insufficient bone mass or a past history of severe periodontal disease. Your new teeth don’t require bone augmentation or a maxillary sinus surgical procedure. They’re safe, have a high success rate, and can be installed with one IV sedation appointment. 

Zygomatic vs. Traditional Dental Implants

Traditional dental implants are identical to an anatomical tooth root in shape and size. They are placed in the jawbone exactly like natural teeth. In most situations, this is the type of dental implant design used by our Scottsdale dentists. However, not everyone qualifies for traditional dental implants, so other implants are available when they need to replace teeth. 

Our Scottsdale zygomatic implants are longer and shaped differently than natural tooth roots, which requires additional planning before the procedure. Instead of sitting in the bone like new teeth, they utilize your zygomatic bone (cheekbone). 

Zygomatic implants have a longer design that will reach beyond the arch of your smile and into the zygomatic bone that creates your cheekbones. This placement allows you to take advantage of bone structures other than what’s in the jaw, especially if your jaw bone density doesn’t support traditional implant treatment.

Zygomatic implants can be beneficial for those who are unable to have traditional implant treatment due to bone loss. In comparison, a traditional design is ideal for someone with healthy bone mass or who requires little to no bone grafting. 

We can still replace as many teeth as necessary, as zygomatic implants provide excellent support. As few as four zygomatic implants can anchor an entire arch prosthesis, like All-on-4 or similar hybrid prosthetics. The only difference is that the dental implants we’re placing are different types of designs because of your bone mass. 

If you still have ample, healthy, dense bone, conventional dental implants are still recommended to anchor your new teeth (restorations) in place.

Where Are Zygomatic Implants Located?

A traditional implant is set immediately alongside other teeth, inside of the very dense bone that holds natural tooth roots in place. But zygomatic implants are placed differently, at an angle that reaches into the cheekbone (zygomatic arch) instead of the traditional implant location. They are made in such a way that people with upper jaw bone loss in the maxilla can still receive implant placement, even if they lack the bone mass necessary for typical implant placement.

One zygomatic implant is more than twice the length of a traditional one. This allows our Scottsdale dentists to angle them in your upper jaw up toward your cheekbone instead of straight-up-and-down like natural tooth roots. That way, they utilize your other upper jaw bones (maxilla) for support without additional bone grafting. 

Zygomatic dental implant technology can only be used in the upper jaw. They are recommended for patients who have been told they need sinus lifts or don’t otherwise qualify for implants. However, they cannot be placed in the lower jaw, so most patients will still need a bone grafting procedure in those situations. 

Where Can I Get Zygomatic Implants In Scottsdale?

Don’t qualify for traditional dental implants? At Scottsdale Dental Solutions, we can help you understand everything you need to know about Zygoma implant options to discover what’s possible for your smile. This life-changing implant placement technique makes dental implant treatment possible for more people than ever. 

Contact our dental implant office today to learn more about advanced tooth replacement options for your smile!


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