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What are the benefits of choosing All-on-4 for tooth replacement?

Are you missing most or all of your teeth? Have you been considering dentures for tooth replacement? Or, perhaps you're living with a denture that moves and slips, causing you to feel embarrassed when you talk or eat?

Implant-Supported Dentures in Scottsdale, AZ Bottom row implant supported dentures at Scottsdale dentist office

All-on-4 tooth replacement in Scottsdale, AZ is ideal for any of these situations. All-on-4 uses dental implants as a stable and secure foundation for customized replacement teeth designed to restore function and aesthetics to your smile, while also protecting your bone from the deterioration that occurs with tooth loss or denture wear.

All-on-4 Tooth Replacement Process

Here's how it works: Four dental implants are carefully placed into your jawbone to support replacement teeth that have been designed with consideration for your unique facial structure and skin tone to give you the most natural and pleasing aesthetics possible. In most cases, you can walk out with replacement teeth the same day without the need for bone grafting procedures.

All-on-4 also only utilizes four dental implants in Scottsdale, which makes it more cost-effective for many patients. You will also receive the benefit of dental implants keeping your jawbone healthy and stimulated, which ensures the longevity of your new appliance. 

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