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What are zygomatic dental implants?

If you have lost multiple teeth due to trauma or the bone loss associated with gum disease, dentists in the past may have told you that you were not a good candidate for tooth replacement with dental implants.

Traditional vs. Zygomatic Dental Implants in 85254

Indeed, a traditional dental implant can't be successfully supported when there's not enough jawbone present. However, zygomatic dental implants offer patients with severe bone loss a new option for restoring their teeth, their appearance, and their dental health.

Instead of using the jawbone for support, zygomatic dental implants use the dense bone located in your cheek known as the "zygoma." These implants are extended in length so they can reach the zygomatic bone for placement. Dr. Sheth will also place traditional implants in between to provide additional support for your restoration.

Experienced in Implant Dentistry

This innovative treatment can only be performed by a dentist who has had advanced surgical training, has extensive knowledge about facial anatomy, and understands the complexities of the procedure. Scottsdale dentist, Dr. Sheth has worked with the top educators in the field of implant dentistry and can perform a zygomatic implant procedure at Scottsdale Dental Solutions.

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If you've struggled with tooth and bone loss and have had a difficult time with tooth replacement, Dr. Sheth would love to discuss the possibilities for your new smile with you. Contact our Scottsdale, AZ dental office today to learn more!

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