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I have a loose implant crown. What should I do?

If your dental implant crown has become loose, it's important to visit Scottsdale dentist, Dr. Raj Sheth, right away for a proper diagnosis. It could be your tooth crown, the implant itself, or the abutment that attaches the two together that is loose. Once Dr. Sheth determines which component is loose, he can properly restore your tooth. 

Maintaining Your Dental Crowns in Scottsdale, AZ

Parts of a dental implant | Dental Crowns Scottsdale AZDr. Sheth will take an x-ray of your tooth to ensure the health of your implant and diagnose which component is causing your tooth to move. He can typically tighten an abutment or crown that is loose during your visit, so your tooth is functioning correctly again. 

If your implant has come loose, Dr. Sheth will discuss your options with you if he needs to remove it. Dental emergencies, infection, or bone loss can be the cause of a failing implant, and our team will help you decide the best treatment to restore both your tooth and your dental health.

Contact Our Dentist in Scottsdale for Dental Crown Repair

Dr. Sheth has advanced training in the field of tooth implants and dental crowns in Scottsdale. He provides many solutions for patients that you will not find at other dental practices, such as the placement of zygomatic dental implants for patients who may lack enough healthy bone to support a traditional implant.

Contact our 85254 dental office right away if you have questions or concerns about your loose dental implant.

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