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What is professional teeth whitening?

Dark stains or yellow teeth cause many people to cover their mouths when they laugh. At Scottsdale Dental Solutions, we want you to feel confident when you smile, and professional teeth whitening in 85254 is a fantastic way to dramatically improve your teeth aesthetic without an invasive procedure or multiple dental visits.

If you have tried store-bought whitening kits, you may have been disappointed with the outcome—uneven whitening and weak results. Additionally, store-bought products may not contain the best ingredients for your smile health, which can lead to prolonged tooth sensitivity or enamel damage.

Professional Teeth Whitening in Scottsdale, AZClose up of patients smile after teeth whitening in Scottsdale AZ

Fortunately, your dentist in Scottsdale, AZ examines your teeth and gums to make sure professional teeth whitening is a safe cosmetic treatment for you. We also rely on prescription-strength systems and whiteners that are customized for your smile—nothing too harsh but useful ingredients.

We can also provide tips to help you maintain your new white smile, which includes advice on tooth-staining foods and drinks. We also recommend quitting smoking to reduce tooth stains and lower your risks for health conditions, including periodontal disease.

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