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Scottsdale Dental Solutions can give you new teeth fast! Like, same day FAST!

There are quite a few secondary problems associated with missing or damaged teeth. Some of these problems include embarrassing social situations or difficulties eating or chewing your favorite foods. You may find yourself hiding your smile when you speak, or you may suffer from an overall lack of confidence. You may also be experiencing less visible effects such as bone loss and deterioration of the upper and lower jaw bone and tissue.

If you’re experiencing any of these issues, you’ve no doubt thought about having your teeth removed altogether. You’ve weighed the benefits of dentures, tooth implants and more. You’ve read and researched all of the benefits and options for tooth replacement, and you’ve heard about how it can be done in just one day. You’re probably asking yourself… is this really possible? Can all the promises of Teeth-in-a-Day be true?

Yes! Here are Scottsdale Dental Solutions, we offer Teeth-in-a-Day (sometimes known as All on 4, All on 6, All on X, TeethXpress, etc.) In most cases, patients visit our dental office and leave with new teeth the very same day!

How is Same Day Teeth Possible at Scottsdale Dental Solutions?

At Scottsdale Dental Solutions the All on 4 dental implants procedures we offer culminate from a decade of research in implant technology and continuous improvement in clinical practice and material science. Dr. Sheth has spent countless hours training both nationally and internationally to provide the latest advancements in clinical practice and leave patients with the best possible outcome. Dr Sheth also works to train other dentists to gain experience and proficiency in implant dentistry, dental sedation and wisdom teeth extraction.

What to Expect At Your Dental Implant Appointment


  1. The first step is setting you your initial examination at Scottsdale Dental Solutions in 85254. You’ll talk with Dr. Sheth about dental implants, your desires and expectations, and any concerns you might have.  After your first meeting, most of your questions regarding the different available options should be answered, along with the pros and cons of each option. We would also discuss any medical issues that could complicate or preclude dental implant placement, along with cost and payment options.
  2. The second step includes taking the diagnostic images needed to construct a treatment plan. Just like building a new home, we need to construct blueprints. This allows us to map out a plan and reduce any difficulties that could arise. We then design your brand new smile, finalize the treatment plan, and discuss sedation options along with pre and post-operative directions and follow up. Then next is the big day!
  3. The day of the procedure you will arrive at the office, be made to feel comfortable and calm with the appropriate anesthesia. If any of your teeth or infected tissues need to be removed, that will be done first. The dental implants will be placed into your jaw, which may require small incisions to be made in the gums providing access to the bone that is underneath. If using one of the sedation options we offer, you won’t feel this at all. However, if you decide to do this under local anesthesia, you may feel some vibrations, but it will not be painful. The implants will be placed and the gums sutured to close the tissues, and in the meantime, the dentist and technician will work on getting your implant-supported permanent teeth fitted. You should leave with a brand new smile that very evening.
  4. When the procedure is complete the healing process begins. The first 8 weeks are crucial in the implant’s healing phase and the bone and implants are fusing through a process called osseointegration. Your teeth at this time are acting like a large splint holding the implants in place and allowing them to fuse with the bone. Dr. Sheth will go over all the prescriptions you need to take. Take these medicines as directed as they will help control any soreness you may feel. You can return to normal activities in a few days as long as you don’t overexert yourself. Dr. Sheth will also recommend a soft diet for the first 6-8 weeks as we do not want any excess pressure on the dental implants and jaws. We will carefully monitor the progress and check the health of both the patient and dental implants. Once the implants are fully healed which takes approximately 3-6 months we can restore the teeth to a fully customized smile for the patient and at that time the final teeth will be attached to your dental implants. With the same routine and maintenance, you would give natural teeth, your new smile can be expected a lifetime.

Call Scottsdale Dental Solutions today at 480-536-9050 for a complimentary consultation and scan and find out how dental implants can help you smile big again!


With Love and Gratitude

Dr Sheth and Team

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