Oral Surgery in Scottsdale, AZ

At Scottsdale Dental Solutions, we offer several oral surgery options to meet your needs from simple extractions to complex bone grafts and sinus lifts.


Let Us Restore Function to Your Smile

Dr. Rajan Sheth is highly trained in all aspects of oral surgery and has been routinely removing wisdom teeth from simple oral surgery cases to complete boney ridge modifcation in private practice since 2011. Dr. Sheth is dedicated to giving his patients the best dental experience possible through what may be a very stressful situation.

Dr. Sheth has been performing IV sedation since 2010 and knows just how important pain-free dentistry is for every patient we treat. Throughout the treatment, we will make you feel calm, comfortable, and relaxed during and after your treatment procedure. Patients have full control over their experience with the option of general anesthesia, IV sedation, nitrous analgesia, or local anesthesia.

The state-of-the-art technology we use in our dental practice provides patients with a pain-free, fast, and worry-free visit that makes treatments much easier for the patient. Dr. Sheth performs many different surgical procedures on Scottsdale patients, including dental implants, Full Mouth implants, tooth extractions, bone grafts, and more.

Dental Implant Oral Surgery Specialist

At Scottsdale Dental Solutions, we specialize in dental implant surgery, which is the best option for a long-lasting, natural-looking, and effective tooth replacement for patients to smile confidently again while restoring their ability to speak and eat normally.

Why Choose Scottsdale Dental Solutions for Your Oral Surgery

Most general dentists are not highly trained in the advanced procedures or methods used to deliver quality, pain-free care to patients who require complex oral surgery. Dr. Sheth has countless hours of continuing education and performing oral surgery in his practice for over a decade. Dr. Sheth has experience with very complex cases from sinus lifts, Zygomatic dental implants, and jaw modifications that ensure you are in safe and reliable hands for your treatment.

Call Scottsdale’s Best Oral Surgery Dentist

If you’ve been living with missing teeth, broken or damaged teeth, or perhaps you’ve been holding off seeing the dentist because you are nervous, Dr. Sheth would love to speak with you about the possibilities for your smile. Contact our Scottsdale, AZ, dental office at (480) 535-5634 to schedule your appointment today.

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Scottsdale’s Best Oral Surgeon Is Just a Phone Call Away

Meet Dr. Rajan K Sheth, DDS

Dr. Rajan Sheth is a leader in the field of restorative and implant dentistry in the Phoenix metro area. He has rehabilitated thousands of patients and maintains a simple vision of "Fear Free Dentistry" and "No one should have to suffer wearing a denture or the embarrassment of missing teeth."

He focuses his scope of practice on comprehensive restorative dentistry with a strong focus on IV sedation, extractions, dental implants, dentures, bone reconstruction, implant supported dentures, full mouth dental implants and immediate teeth in a day dental services. Dr. Sheth has been routinely doing tooth extractions from simple cases, to complete boney extractions in private practice since 2011 and considered one of the best dentists in Scottsdale and the Phoenix, AZ areas.

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