Teeth in a Day How One Day Dental Implants Really Work

If you’re looking for same day dental implants as a permanent teeth replacement solution, “teeth in a day” treatment can seem very appealing. But is everything really completed in a day, and how are those treatments different from other Scottsdale implant dentistry techniques?

One day implant dentistry surgery is an accelerated alternative to traditional method implant therapy. The same day procedure may even use a different type of tooth replacement option than what you might expect. A good candidate for accelerated implants will need to meet certain criteria, be cleared of specific medical conditions, and have healthy bone and gum tissues. 

Understanding How Dental Implants Work

Before setting your heart on a same day procedure, it’s important to understand how dental implants work in general. The implant procedure itself involves setting permanent dental implants into the jaw bone, to act as artificial tooth roots. During the healing process following your dental implant surgery, the bone will fuse to the surfaces of the dental implants, permanently anchoring them into place. If there’s a lack of bone, our Scottsdale implant dentist can adjust where the implants are installed or add bone grafting to provide additional support. 

Typically, dental implants are placed in a single visit. Especially if you do not need a bone graft. At that point, your “new teeth” will need about 3-6 months for the surrounding bone to fully integrate around each single tooth implant. In the meantime, you’ll need to maintain a softer diet so as not to place too much pressure on top of your newly installed implants. Each small titanium device will help safeguard that area against future bone loss, as it’s naturally attractive to your jaw bone. 

Installing dental implants (same day or not) requires careful planning. Especially if you previously had gum disease or bone loss. If there are any unhealthy, bad teeth or damaged teeth that cannot be restored, those will also need to be extracted ahead of time. 

Same-Day Dental Implants in Scottsdale

If you want to replace bad teeth with a permanent, perfect smile, dental implants are the best choice. However, they take careful planning and surgical procedures to replace even single teeth, much less a few teeth in a row or all of them together. 

Most people that need to restore their entire smile are concerned with the idea of having to go without teeth. As in, having a mouth full of missing teeth while they wait on implants to integrate or heal. That’s where single day dental implants come in. 

Same day dental implants expedite the implant process, eliminating the need to go with missing teeth in your mouth. Even if you have a diseased tooth that needs to be removed, or you’re wearing existing dentures, same day dental treatment may be an option. 

While same day single tooth dental implant treatment isn’t quite common, full mouth teeth in a day are gaining popularity. The process is streamlined to ensure that you have something in your mouth from the moment the implants are set into the jaw, even if it’s temporary during your recovery time. The success rate—even for higher risk patients—is predictable, so long as you work with a skilled and experienced dental implant provider like our dentist in Scottsdale. 

Once the osseointegration process is complete, and your mouth is fully healed, your temporary healing prosthesis is removed from the attaching abutments, and the permanent “new smile” is installed. This could be a hybrid All-on-4 or TeethXpress restoration, a removable/fixed over-denture, or some other type of hybrid full arch treatment. 

Installing Full Arch Dental Implants

Any time we are replacing missing teeth with same day implants, you do not necessarily need a dental implant at the location of each missing tooth. Rather, our dentist will select the best installation site so that fewer implants can support the weight of a full-arch restoration. 

Most full mouth dental implant procedures use as few as 4-6 dental implants in total. Since the sets of implants work together to support the overall biting force of the prosthesis, there’s no need to use additional implants for each missing tooth. Even in the case of marginal bone loss or past gum disease, our Scottsdale implant dentist can adjust the installation site to better accommodate the success of the overall procedure. 

Same Day Implant Supported Dentures

Implant supported dentures are removable “plates” that snap on and off of supporting dental implants underneath. As few as 2-4 implants are usually necessary. More often than not, people getting implant supported dentures may wear “temporary teeth” while their implants heal and integrate. Even for a same day procedure with traditional implants, a healing prosthesis protects the implants as your gums and bone respond to the changes that have been made. A short time later, your dental implant expert then updates the implant supported dentures with a permanent, highly aesthetic design. 

Traditional vs. One Day Dental Implants

With same day dental implants, you know you’re going to get teeth in a day without having to struggle with an embarrassing smile. But how one day dental implants really work is nearly identical to traditional implant placement, because a healing period (integration) is still necessary. They both work by installing your implants and having you wear a healing restoration as everything settles, then replacing it with something permanent after integration is completely achieved. Bottom line, same day procedures plan ahead to ensure that there is something to wear on the same day of your implant treatment, even if there are teeth that need to be removed. This takes a bit of extra planning, visits, and dental impressions, but is completely realistic for most people. 

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