Will My Insurance Cover Dental Implants?

Do dental insurance plans cover dental implants? The short answer is, “it depends.” One insurance company may cover a dental implant procedure while another one does not. The truth of the matter is that dental insurance coverage is quite different from medical insurance plans. It can vary from one insurance company to another.

Understanding Dental Insurance Coverage

Until fairly recently, dental coverage did not include dental implants. Today, it’s fairly common to see dental implants covered with most dental/health insurance packages you receive from your employer. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize that dental insurance coverage allowances (the amount of money they’ll cover for dental treatments) haven’t changed since around the late 1970s and early 1980s. Those limits and allowances are almost the same as 40 years ago. They haven’t increased with the cost of living like medical or health insurance has.

Your dental insurance plans are prevention-focused. That means they pay more for preventative care like checkups and cleanings to prevent you from requiring major procedures that can, well, be prevented. That’s why an exam or cleaning may be covered at 100%, but major procedures may only be covered at 50%, with a limit to the total cost altogether (in other words, your benefits max out before you complete all the treatment you need).

Once you understand how dental insurance works, you can see that navigating an upcoming dental implant procedure can be a little confusing or even frustrating when you’re expecting your plan to cover dental costs.

How to Find Out if Your Insurance Coverage Includes Dental Implants

The best way to see if your dental implant surgery is covered by your dental insurance plan is to have your provider get a “benefit breakdown” and work up a dental care plan. What happens during this process is the insurance coordinators at our Scottsdale dental office contact your insurance company. They provide us with the exact numbers when it comes to your allowances, limits, deductibles, and the percentage covered on all dental procedures. We then work up a dental plan that incorporates those amounts into your list of planned treatments. Including any necessary oral surgery or dental crowns to go along with your new “artificial teeth.”

Many insurance companies have similar dental benefits, but the exact allowances are usually pre-determined by whichever plan was selected by your employer. So, if you have a specific insurance company, you might have a different yearly allowance or waiting period for dental implants than a friend with the same insurance carrier.

Don’t Forget About Your Medical Insurance Coverage

Will medical plan cover implants? Not exactly. But if you require complex care or sedation with oral surgeons because of complex pre-existing conditions, you may be able to use your health insurance company to pay for a portion of the overall treatment. Most insurance company questions can be answered by your dental provider, but they will need your insurance breakdown beforehand (it’s not a question that they can answer over the phone.)

What if Insurance Doesn’t Cover Implants?

Maybe you still have an insurance provider who doesn’t cover dental implants. That’s ok. You can easily finance your cost of dental implants with low or often 0% interest financing, regardless of how many missing teeth you have. And some of the treatments leading up to your implant installation may still be covered.

One of the things we do at Scottsdale Dental Solutions is work out payment plans to find a low monthly financing option that fits the budget of our patients. That way, you can immediately attain your new smile without having to wait on treatment.

As an added bonus, you can also help pay for dental implants with a health savings account or flex spending account.

Combining Payment Plans With Insurance Coverage

Let’s say you’re getting two dental implants and a fixed bridge on top of them. Your insurance company requires a deductible, and the yearly allowable doesn’t cover the entire cost of your treatment plan. What then?

Well, you can use the amount of dental insurance benefits that you’re allowed, and then you can finance any remaining balance with a 0% interest payment plan. You don’t need to only do one or the other. It’s about working to have dental insurance cover as much as possible, then minimizing the financial impact on your personal budget.

Since implants provide lifelong tooth replacement, they still wind up saving you money in the future!

Cost of Dental Implants With or Without Insurance Company

It’s no secret that dental implant procedures cost more than other artificial tooth options like dentures and partials. But that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to afford them. If your insurance covers implants, great! If not, our Scottsdale dentists can still help you figure something out.

The only way to get a firm price quote on the cost of dental implant treatment in Scottsdale is first to see our implant provider and then get a customized treatment plan. At Scottsdale Dental Solutions, we work up each phase of the treatment, your estimated dental insurance, and tabulate the total cost of the overall procedure. Including any supportive therapies like extractions, sedation, etc. From there, we’ll review any low-interest or 0% financing options for the remaining balance if that’s something that you’d like to look into.

Every person’s smile is unique, and no two dental implant procedures are the same. That’s why your initial exam is key to uncovering the exact cost of care.

Affordable Implant Dentistry in Scottsdale

Scottsdale Dental Solutions understands that dental implant insurance can be a determining factor when it comes to replacing missing teeth. Even if you don’t have coverage or your dental coverage is minimal, it’s still possible to access the dental health care you need.

Our dental implant providers will work with you to curate a care plan for major procedures, enhancing your overall dental health while also fitting into your personal budget.

Since dental implants can last for life, the investment in your missing teeth is priceless, regardless of whether dental insurance coverage comes into play.

Contact our Scottsdale dentists today to reserve a no-obligation consultation and treatment plan to learn more.


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